By EW Staff
May 09, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

Pop go our readers! Our mailbox exploded with kudos for EW’s first-ever Pop Culture Quiz (#704, April 11) and feedback on our News & Notes redesign. Nothing slipped past you, including the invite to contact us if you could make ”heads or tails out of ‘gitchy gitchy ya ya da da”’ from ”Lady Marmalade.” Stephen Horn from San Marcos, Tex., believes it means ”get your, get your ya-yas out.” Brooklyn’s Selah Eric Spruiell sent us her take: ”The original lyrics are ‘Getcha, getcha yaya, dada.’ The song is about a New Orleans prostitute. Yaya is code for female genitalia. Dada means ‘Daddy.’ Makes ‘Voulez-vous coucher avec moi’ all the more poignant, doesn’t it?” But Patti LaBelle, who made the song a hit, tosses off such notions: ”’Gitchy gitchy ya ya da da’these are just ad-libs and have no meaning, and I prefer to call Lady Marmalade a lady of the night, not a prostitute.” Viva la diva!

Quiz Masters

Your quiz was, as J.J. Evans (Jimmie Walker) would say, Dy-no-mite! STEVE ZEIDEN Denver

We really enjoyed your quiz, but did it have to be 100 questions? We spent four hours taking it and four more discussing the answers. Our productivity level totally dropped. Our bosses hate us. We hate you. Never make another quiz again. JIM KLECKNER Chicago

I’m tired and I blame you. I went to bed at a decent hour and casually asked my husband if I should ask him a few pop-culture questions. Fast-forward to midnight and the tally. I am sitting at my desk, sleepy but happy in the knowledge that I married a pop-culture guru who knows all the James Bonds (in chronological order), but still can’t remember which day the trash is picked up. LAURA HINKLEY Richmond, Ind.

Thanks, guys! Finally, a magazine test that my girlfriend and I can take together that doesn’t start with ”How many orgasms do you wish he gave a week?” And by the way, we got an 82 — far better than we’ve done on any Cosmo test so far. Actually, I’m not quite sure how proud of that we should be. P.J. DOODY Hollywood

Up until I received your issue, I considered myself a hotshot at pop culture. I did horribly on your quiz, but I loved every minute! Thank you for your creative compilation and please, please do it again! CANDICE GOLDSTEIN Haddon Heights, N.J.

The new issue is the best in recent memory — and I’ve only read one article. ”The Great American Pop Culture Quiz” is a great idea, and I especially got a kick out of the questions about Twin Peaks and Citizen Kane. This kind of creativity only makes your magazine better. DANIEL ANDERSON Amsterdam, Ohio

Pop-culture quiz? I thought ”pop” stood for popular — references that everybody understands. The name of Quint’s sunken ship in Jaws? Perhaps I’m so bitter because I scored so poorly. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. MARK WEITZ Alexandria, Va.

News + Noted

Congratulations on a vastly improved News & Notes section. Since the days when the E in ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY was lowercase, I’ve gotten used to your changes. But you have really outdone yourselves this time! Love everything from the news-channel crawl at the bottom of the page to The Deal Report. DOUG KELSEY Mason, Ohio