By Dan Snierson and Jennifer Armstrong
May 09, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
  • TV Show

Is John Stamos the new father of Friends? He’ll guest-star on the May 8 episode as a coworker of Chandler’s who doesn’t realize he’s being scouted as a sperm donor for the Bings. ”I was very flattered,” he says. ”When they say, ‘Who’s got great sperm in this town?’ they go right to Stamos.” The appearance marks a homecoming of sorts for the former Full House star: His old sitcom was shot on the same soundstage, and apparently he’s still haunted by visions of the Olsen twins. ”It was very strange to be back,” he notes. ”In fact, I think I called Chandler ‘Michelle’ by accident.”… Think of it as TV Land for reality shows: In the truest signal yet of the genre’s dominance, Reality Central — the first all-verite cable network — will launch in early 2004. The channel, initially available to only 3 million viewers, will feature behind-the-scenes clips, glimpses of overseas shows, and new programming. One of the first original series will follow — you guessed it — the launch of Reality Central