50 Cent faces two lawsuits. One is for scrapping a concert, the other for unpaid medical bills from his 2000 shooting

By Gary Susman
May 07, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
50 Cent: Scott Gries/Getty Images

50 Cent may wear a bulletproof vest, but there’s no vest that can protect him against lawsuits. He’s facing two of them, one from a promoter who wants $5 million over a canceled show, the other from the doctor who treated him when the rapper was shot nine times in 2000, and who says he never paid his hospital bill.

Dr. Nader Paksima, the surgeon at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center in Queens who treated the rapper after the May 2000 shooting, says in a suit filed April 30 in New York that the rapper still owes him more than $32,000 for surgery and follow-up treatment. The complaint is posted online at TheSmokingGun.com.

Meanwhile, MTV News reports that hip-hop promoter Solomon Hatcher is suing 50 for scrapping a May 11 date in Boise. The rapper had decided he couldn’t squeeze the Idaho concert in between scheduled dates on May 10 in Miami and May 12 in Seattle and had returned Hatcher’s $50,000 deposit, but Hatcher’s lawyer says he’s also out promotional costs (”My client began lining up vendors and advertisers and selling tickets months ago,” the attorney told MTV) and has suffered irreparable damage to his reputation.

50 Cent is also not going to make a May 9 concert date at a New York club, though that’s the result of a scam perpetrated on the promoters by an impostor claiming to be the rapper’s agent. According to the New York Post, promoters paid the impostor a $12,000 deposit and sent out thousands of fliers before learning they’d been duped when 50 Cent’s record label hit the club with a cease-and-desist order.