By EW Staff
Updated May 02, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

”What’s your favorite, like, restaurant chain? I like the Olive Garden.” AMBER, making bad small talk during her one-on-one date, on The Bachelor

”News flash: You can’t drink and go to work. You’re not airline pilots.” Dr. Cox (JOHN C. McGINLEY), after on-call residents J.D. (ZACH BRAFF) and Turk (DONALD FAISON) admitted to being tipsy, on Scrubs

”If you mean the I-Should-Be-Sterilized-So-That-My-Disturbing-Idiosyncrasies-Aren’t-Passed-On-to-the-Next-Generation Society, then yes.” Michel (YANIC TRUESDALE), after Lorelai (LAUREN GRAHAM) asked if the Edgar Allan Poe Society had arrived, on Gilmore Girls

”We’ve got to teach these Iraqis how to behave. For example, you can’t just go looting and rioting in the streets — unless your team wins a championship.” DAVID LETTERMAN on Late Show