Meet one of the men behind a ''Mr. Personality'' mask. Michael isn't the best-looking guy on Fox's new reality show -- but he can chew tinfoil

By Dan Snierson
Updated May 02, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
Mr. Personality: Randy Holmes

Can a woman choose her soul mate from a bunch of guys wearing masks? Maybe not. But Fox has set the table for delicious disaster anyway with ”Mr. Personality.” This being reality TV, many of the suitors are hotties. And then there’s Michael, 36, a director of business development at an Atlanta PR firm.

The promos for this show warn that ”things could get ugly”…
You can imagine how excited I am to be lumped into that category.

Are you cool with your non-model status?
I’m pretty comfortable in my own skin. I know I’m not Brad Pitt, but on the same hand, I’d like to think I’m not Quasimodo. I was asked in the interview process, ”How do you feel about the girl not knowing what you look like?” And my response was ”It can only help my cause.”

What’s your best feature?
My smile. I’ve got white teeth. And a little trivia: no fillings in my mouth, so I can chew on tinfoil all day long.

What’s it like wearing the mask?
It created a lot of pressure on the bridge of your nose, so right above the eyes, most guys had maxi pads in there. It also helped absorb the sweat.

Monica Lewinsky is hosting the show. Does she unmask any desires in you?
I don’t think so. Monica was really nice. Physically, she’s not really my type.