By Adam Duerson
Updated May 01, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Meet the new mutants of May’s highly anticipated ”X2” — and find out what happens to the eight original characters by Adam Duerson

(a.k.a. Yuriko Oyama)

ABOUT THE ACTRESS At 35 (yes, that’s 3-5), Hu is best known as ”The Scorpion King”’s sexy sorceress, and recently starred Jet Li-DMX pic ”Cradle 2 the Grave.” She cut her teeth on TV’s ”Martial Law,” ”Nash Bridges,” and ”Sunset Beach.”

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ABOUT THE ACTOR Long before Anthony Hopkins was sipping Chianti with fava beans and liver, Cox, 56, donned the white prison scrubs as Hannibal Lecter in Michael Mann’s ”Manhunter,” the prelude to ”Silence of the Lambs.” Since then, he’s appeared in ”Rushmore,” ”Rob Roy,” and summer 2002’s ”The Bourne Identity.”

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(a.k.a. Kurt Wagner)

ABOUT THE ACTOR Franchise pics are nothing new to this Scottish actor, who starred in the ongoing series ”The Flintstones,” ”Spy Kids” (he had a cameo in summer 2002’s sequel after a lead role in the first), and ”GoldenEye,” as a Bond baddie. Cumming, 37, is currently working on adapting his novel, ”Tommy’s Tale,” for the screen.

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(a.k.a. John Allerdyce)

ABOUT THE ACTOR No wonder Entertainment Weekly named him to the 2002 It List. With his first four movies, Stanford, 25, has scored a Woody Allen pic (”Hollywood Ending”), a Sundance Grand Jury Prize nominee (”Tadpole”), a summer blockbuster (”X Men 2,” knock on wood), and a Spike Lee joint (”25th Hour,” alongside ”X-Men 2” costars Anna Paquin and Brian Cox).

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(a.k.a. Bobby Drake)

ABOUT THE ACTOR The 22-year-old brings ‘N Sync-ish good looks to the cast of young X-Kids. Before making a brief cameo in the original ”X-Men,” he was best known for appearing in 10 made-for-TV movies (”Guitarman” and ”Wolf Girl,” among others) over the past decade.

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SOPHOMORES ALL (From left) Jackman, Marsden, Stewart, and Berry from their first outing

Patrick Stewart Professor Xavier
The wheelchair-bound X-Men leader falls into Stryker’s hands in ”X2,” which means danger for all of mutantkind as Xavier is forced to use his powerful telepathy for villainous ends. And the only man who might be able to save the professor is his arch-enemy, Magneto.

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X2: X-Men United

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