Tommy Lee's wedding to Mayte is off. The drummer and Prince's ex were to marry on July 4

Alas, it looks like we won’t be seeing another honeymoon video starring Tommy Lee anytime soon. Lee’s wedding to fiancée Mayte Garcia is off. In fact, their whole relationship may be over. A publicist for the former Motley Crue drummer told the New York Daily News, ”They postponed their wedding because they’re both very busy.” But Us Weekly reports that Lee and the Prince ex-wife/protégé have split, with a source telling the magazine that Garcia is ”devastated, shocked and upset because Tommy dumped her.”

Lee, 40, and Garcia, 29, had been seeing each other for about two years. They had been engaged since last summer and reportedly planned to marry this July 4, either in Malibu (where Lee lives) or in Spain, where Garcia has a castle that was a gift from Prince. At the time of his engagement, he told he wanted to avoid making the mistake of rushing into marriage as he did with Pamela Anderson, whom he wed after knowing her for only a few days. ”I’m going to take my time, dude,” he said. ”I’ve been seeing Mayte for like a year, over a year. And I’m not rushing anything. She’s super, super sweet, super mellow, no drama, Puerto Rican girl who’s just absolutely f–kin’ lovely. Slow dude, slow.” Note to Mayte: Maybe it’s time to date someone who’s not a musician.