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April 25, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

The verdict’s in — this is the best season ever!

Okay, that’s it. I’m gonna go out on a limb here. What I’m about to say may be considered sacrilege by some, but I gotta call it the way I see it and here’s the way I see it: This is the best season of ”Survivor”? EVER! Yes, better than ”Marquesas.” Yes, better than ”The Australian Outback.” And yes, even better than the original. True, that first installment had the unmatchable quality of freshness where terms like alliance were new and exciting, but no edition has had the twists and turns of ”The Amazon.”

We’ve now seen the top two favorites (Deena and Alex) voted out in consecutive weeks. For that to happen so late in the game is shocking. For a member of the guaranteed final four to switch sides at the last minute and join three hopeless souls just waiting to be voted off like Rob did, and thereby create a new fearsome foursome provided another unforeseen twist and turn that makes this show so addictive.

Now on one level, Rob’s defection may not have been a strategic slam dunk considering all the future jury members he just pissed off, but really, what else was he supposed to do after Alex basically told him he’d never get past fourth place. (Why Alex told him this is still beyond me. Dude, SHUT UP!! If you just kept your yap closed you’d still be around staring at Heidi’s breasts, but instead you now have to party with Dave and Deena in the jury. Wow, there’s a bunch sure to get along.)

Once again, it’s time to bow down at the altar of Mark Burnett as he edited this show together brilliantly — starting by demonstrating how tight and in control Jenna, Heidi, Alex, and Rob were and then showing how one simple, innocent conversation sent the whole thing crumbling. Everything was working this week. Even that silly immunity trivia game was a hoot.

First you had Rob actually voting for himself as most honest, and then Probst started baiting Jenna about her using sex as a weapon. (By the way, was it just me, or did Jenna look really bummed out when she wasn’t voted as the woman they’d all most like to see naked in a magazine?) Then to top things of, Matthew, or Matt, or Matteo, or whatever the hell his name is guessed himself as the person most people had a crush on. Whoa, maybe he really is a lunatic. And the best part of all of this? By Alex playing himself like a sucker, now Christy (”The People’s Choice”) is back in the game!

The only downside of this episode? Well, I have a ”Survivor” odds package I need to turn in for the magazine tomorrow in which I predict the winner. Let’s just say that it needs a little revising? okay, make that a complete 100 percent rewrite. Oh, but man was it worth it. Once again, best ”Survivor” EVER!

Where do you think ”The Amazon” stacks up against other installments of ”Survivor”?

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