Suge Knight talks about his new book, Snoop, and more. The rap mogul takes some time out to answer some questions for EW

By Karen Valby
Updated April 25, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
Suge Knight: Anders Overgaard/Corbis Outline

Suge Knight is in hot water again — ankle-deep in a pedicure bath when EW stops by his Manhattan hotel suite on April 9 to talk about his upcoming memoir, ”American Nightmare American Dream” (due this fall from Riverhead). With a bouquet of white roses to his left, an oily publicist to his right, the 37-year-old cigar-puffing rap mogul is a studied picture of luxurious cool — despite the fact that ”Biggie & Tupac,” a recent documentary by British conspiracy theorist Nick Broomfield (now in video stores), implicates convicted felon Knight in the murders of the two prominent rappers. (He has denied any involvement.)

Why are you writing your life story? I always felt that when people write a book they should be saying ”I’m over, I’m done, I got a car payment due.” The reason I’m writing a book is because when I was in prison there were so many stories told and I felt I owed it to ‘Pac, I owed it to Death Row [Records], and I owe it to the kids out there to put a period where there were question marks.

Speaking of stories out there, what do you think of ”Biggie & Tupac”? I never even seen the movie. But I don’t like it.

How serious is the war between you and Snoop? I can’t really say there’s a feud because I never see him. Snoop lives out in L.A. in a place called ”fake money.” And he won’t be at clubs, he won’t be at restaurants, he don’t go to places. He has a whole army just to move around, so I don’t see him.

Do you worry about your reputation? I don’t worry about man’s law. No matter what, there’s only one person who was perfect and they killed him. That was Jesus. So, yeah, I’m definitely not on Jesus status.