By Evan Serpick
Updated April 25, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT


Actress Angie Harmon (Agent Cody Banks), 30, and ex-N.Y. Giants defensive back Jason Sehorn, 32, are set to kick off parenthood with their first child, due in October.


Rocker Tommy Lee, 40, appeared in a Santa Monica court April 8 to testify in a lawsuit brought by Ursula Karven, the mother of a 4-year-old child who drowned during a birthday party at Lee’s house two years ago. Lee claimed the kids were under their guardians’ supervision at the party. Karven testified April 9 that she didn’t know the kids would be swimming…. Catherine Zeta-Jones, 33, and Michael Douglas, 58, won a lawsuit against U.K. tabloid Hello!, which ran pictures of the couple’s wedding without their permission. The court acknowledged that Hello! violated the couple’s contract with another mag, but says their right to privacy was not protected under British law. Damages are to be determined…. Rapper Big Lurch (ne Antron Singleton), 26, charged with murdering and allegedly cannibalizing his female roommate last year, is being sued by her mother. In the suit, which also names Death Row Records and others, Carolyn Stinson claims the label provided Singleton with drugs in hopes of encouraging violent behavior and bolstering his gansta-rap cred. A rep for Death Row says Singleton was never affiliated with the label…. The Recording Industry Association of America filed suit April 3 in New Jersey, New York, and Michigan against four college students for allegedly offering copyrighted music free online. The RIAA asks that the students shut down their file-sharing websites and pay damages of up to $150,000 for each of the more than one million songs they offer for download.


Weight-loss guru Dr. Robert Atkins, 72, author of books promoting a low-carbodhydrate diet, slipped on an icy New York City sidewalk April 8, causing severe head injuries. At press time, Atkins was in a coma and on life support…. Dawson’s Creek’s Joshua Jackson, 24, entered an alcohol-education program April 9, following a November arrest for involvement in a brawl at a Carolina Hurricanes hockey game.


Wall Street Journal Hollywood columnist Tom King, 39, from an apparent heart condition, April 13, on Long Island…. Oak Ridge Boy Noel Fox, 63, who went on to be VP of MCA Records Nashville, after a stroke, April 10, in Nashville…. Singer Little Eva (nee Eva Narcissus Boyd, below), 59, who hit No. 1 with 1962’s ”The Loco-Motion,” of lung cancer, April 10, in Kinston, N.C.


Even Baywatch babes get the blues: Traci Bingham, 35, has filed for divorce from musician Robb Vallier, 32, after four years of marriage.


Ed Gernon, the exec producer of the forthcoming CBS miniseries Hitler: The Rise of Evil, resigned from production company Alliance Atlantis after his comments in TV Guide were interpreted as comparing George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler. In discussing the miniseries, Gernon said that a devastated Germany accepted Hitler’s policies out of fear, and that Americans are supporting Bush ”because of the fear of what will happen if they don’t.” The four-hour drama, set to air May 18 and 20, stars Robert Carlyle (The Full Monty) and depicts Hitler’s rise.