By Jim Mullen
Updated April 25, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

1 THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA Lauren Weisberger’s novel about the trials and tribulations of working at a high-fashion magazine. Her next book is about how horrible it is to have a best-seller.

2 FEAR FACTOR Contestants will milk a goat without their hands. Gross for them, sure, but it’s no picnic for the goat, either.

3 STEVE JOBS The Apple Computer boss is trying to buy the biggest music company on the planet. A thought: If you fall asleep next to an iPod, will it take over your body?

4 A MIGHTY WIND Spoofs those scary folk-music revivals. Note: When old folkies say ”unplugged,” they’re talking about their hair.

5 SEAN PENN Someone stole his 1987 Buick in broad daylight while he was eating lunch. Thankfully, his ’79 Celica was safely parked at home.

6 ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER He’s looking to flex his muscles as governor of California. First course of action: challenging Minnesota to a steel-cage death match.

7 TAKE OUR CHILDREN TO WORK DAY Kids learn important lessons — like if bringing an adorable little kid to work to charm the boss doesn’t keep you from getting fired, nothing will.

8 BULLETPROOF MONK An American street punk and a martial-arts mystic join forces to save the world from an evil too powerful to imagine — the Olsen Octuplets.

9 PLATINUM A new prime-time soap that takes place in the hip-hop world. The last episode is called ”Who Capped J.R.?”

10 THE SIMPSONS British prime minister Tony Blair has voiced a few lines for an upcoming episode. One of the more notable is borrowed from his war ally, President Bush: ”D’oh.”