Joss Whedon lets hints leak about ''Buffy'' finale. The series creator, who says he won't try to stop plot details from appearing on the Internet, drops a couple of his own

By Gary Susman
April 22, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
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As ”Buffy the Vampire Slayer” approaches its May 20 series finale, with the Scoobies preparing for an apocalyptic war against evildoers, don’t expect jubilant warriors or playing cards depicting demons still at large. Series creator Joss Whedon has noted the irony of Buffy and pals preparing for war just as a real-life war winds down. ”The last thing I ever wanted in the world was for any of ‘Buffy’s’ rhetoric to be compared to anything [President Bush] was saying,” series creator Joss Whedon told the New York Post. ”I think it was very much a concern to the writers and myself that we try and stress the pain and the uncertainty and the emotion of it as opposed to the gung-ho ‘let’s-go-get-’em’ of it. None of us advocates the idea of war and I certainly didn’t support the decision to go in during this particular action [in Iraq].”

Another war for which Whedon has no enthusiasm is the war against Internet spies posting plot spoilers on the Web. Whedon says he shot the finale last week without any of the usual disinformation, like alternate endings, to foil leakers. ”I gave up about a year ago trying to keep anything off the Internet,” he told the Post. ”Even if we had alternate endings, eventually you have to put together the one with the real ending and somebody sees it.”

Nonetheless, he dropped a couple hints of his own, including one that the hoped-for ”Buffy” spinoff might be a movie. ”We do not destroy the entire fabric of the universe at the end of the last episode and some people even live,” he said. ”So there’s definitely an open door for more series or a movie, you name it.”

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