By Sumeet Bal
Updated April 18, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

5 YEARS AGO ”I did this cosmic shopping list. You write down something you’d like to do in five years. I wrote down ‘a film,’ thinking I’d get a small part — but I got a lead in one [Bend It Like Beckham] that happened to be a really successful film!”

NOW ”I’ve been preparing for coming to L.A. and tearing my hair out as to what hotel to stay in, looking on the Internet. I drove as well for the first time [in L.A.] over the weekend, so I’m all chuffed with myself. I was like, ‘I’m driving in America!”’

5 YEARS FROM NOW ”Hopefully, settling down. Work-wise, just doing films and maybe the odd piece of theater. All in all, as long as I’ve got a lot of money to go out and eat dinner with my friends and have coffee in coffeehouses, I think I’ll be cool.”




AGE 27 BORN Leicester, U.K. EXPERIENCE Bend It Like Beckham, Royal National Theatre CURRENT Wrapped Ella Enchanted with Anne Hathaway, Minnie Driver, and Eric Idle. REFERENCES Gurinder Chadha, David Beckham