By EW Staff
Updated April 18, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

In Meat Loaf’s immortal words, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad, but neither is 16 out of 24, which is how we scored with our Oscar predictions (#701, March 21), beating last year’s 15 correct guesses. (At least we mentioned Adrien Brody could be a Best Actor upset.) Readers also appreciated seeing the results of our online poll of overlooked contenders. ”It’s nice that the wonderful performances by Jennifer Aniston and Dennis Quaid (to name a couple) weren’t completely forgotten,” says Annie McMillan of Yorba Linda, Calif. Another thing we should have guessed: the rage of AFI fans over the D we gave the band. ”For 12 years, AFI has been one of the sole bright spots on the bleak horizon of rock music,” attests Detroit’s Natalie Hurdle. ”Their innovative blend of musical genres makes it one of the most powerful rock albums in recent years.” Our crystal ball must have been cloudy.

Best Bets

It’s thrilling to see Chicago enjoying the success it deserves. Rob Marshall and Bill Condon found a brilliant way to film a very theatrical musical. They did not try to fix something that wasn’t broken. They trusted the strength of the source material. TIM PINCKNEY New York City

Under Adrien Brody in your Best Actor breakdown, you wrote, ”Against Him: He’s not as charismatic off screen as he is on.” Perhaps after his heartfelt acceptance speech at the Oscars you’ll realize he oozes charisma. ALEXIS BEHAN Charlottesville, Va.

My brother and I felt alone in thinking that Daniel Day- Lewis was merely riffing on De Niro in Scorsese’s Gangs of New York. Many thanks to the mystery director in your ”Oscar Confidential” feature for his company. JOHN SHADE VICK Port Orange, Fla.

‘Superman’ Handling

Your article ”Stallville?” (News & Notes) forgot to mention the biggest reason why Warner Bros. can’t get Superman off the ground: the total disrespect the executives and creative personnel have for the character and his 70-year legacy. Almost everyone involved seems to be desperately trying to alter the Man of Steel to the point where he won’t be remotely recognizable as the icon Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created. REID MASON Dearborn, Mich.

Poor misguided folks at Warner Bros. You have a franchise that people are buying into called Smallville. Audiences are growing more and more attached to Tom Welling, as well as becoming curious how he and Lex are going to turn into mortal enemies. Why wouldn’t that continue onto the big screen? Tom Welling is your Superman! COLIN COSTELLO Barrington, Ill.

Standard Bearer

Jeers to the EW editors for your asinine ”SAG Awards” (News & Notes). American actresses can’t get a break: Either they’re criticized for having breast implants or they’re criticized for not having them via this article. Why don’t you ever write about the impossible standard of beauty that actresses are held to versus the nonexistent standard for actors?! Actors let themselves go — at all ages — but you don’t have a ”male potbelly award,” now, do you?! MARGO FLANAGAN Greensboro, N.C.