By EW Staff
Updated April 11, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

There’s a lot of life in HBO’s mortuary drama, according to EW readers who dug our Six Feet Under cover (#700, March 14), but many wished a quick death to the reality boom we chronicled. ”’When Reality Attacks’ was amazing,” raves Tina J. Turley of Cranberry Twp., Pa. ”Let’s hope that great shows like Alias and Monk are not yanked just because they can’t compete with the reality spectacle.” Readers also got lively over Real Time With Bill Maher. Cynthia Weber of Fresno, Calif., agrees with Ken Tucker’s ”negative” review, but Austin’s John Bauer is ”dismayed…. Could you at least consider someone more interested in current events to review such fare?” And Mike McCann of Sewell, N.J., complains, ”By referring to [guest] Ann Coulter as a ‘hate-spewing harridan’…Ken Tucker has essentially proven her point that there is a definite liberal bias in the mainstream media.” Everybody discuss!

Buried Treasure

I was afraid I was growing too old for EW, with the cover story on Avril (I immediately read it as Advil). So I was thrilled to see the cover story on HBO’s Six Feet Under. The show is the most intelligent and addictive series on television. The writing crackles, and the acting by the entire ensemble is extraordinary. How ironic that a show revolving around a funeral home has the most alive characters on TV and is the most life-affirming. CHAD PETTENGILL Tampa

The cover featuring Peter Krause and Rachel Griffiths of Six Feet Under was heavenly. Thanks for another knock-’em-dead complete viewer’s guide. MARK BRAMLETT Greensboro, N.C.

After seeing almost every cast of HBO’s weekly dramas on the cover of your magazine, I have realized you are ignoring the other cable networks. Do you have issues with Showtime’s Soul Food, Queer as Folk, and The Chris Isaak Show? How about some equal time, huh? JOHN CHAPMAN Pocatello, Idaho

Reality Check

I agree with your panel that reality shows probably signal the end of Western civilization (”When Reality Attacks”) and that networks are fearful, greedy, stupid (and also devoid of a single creative thought). The networks don’t give a show any time to find an audience. Joss Whedon’s new show, Firefly, was different, funny, interesting, and creative, and they put it in a death slot and then canceled it before it ever had a chance to develop a following. B.L. BARR Somerville, Mass.

Crime Example

I think it’s important to point out there is a difference between doing something that hurts yourself — Paul Reubens, Hugh Grant — and doing something that hurts children — Roman Polanski (News & Notes). We as a society should not tolerate the harming of children, and we certainly should not reward the person by buying more movie tickets. LISA RENNINGER North Aurora, Ill.

Gentle Giant

Thank you for the tribute to Fred Rogers (Legacy). His distinct gentleness and kindness left a lasting impression on so many of us. RACHEL KOTTLER Pittsburgh