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April 08, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

Who’s Lisa Marie Presley mad at?

An angst-ridden singer/songwriter taking her father or ex-lovers to task is nothing new. But when the father is Elvis Presley and the ex-lovers are Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage, we sit up and take notice. So as Lisa Marie Presley’s debut album, ”To Whom It May Concern,” hits stores (EW graded it a B-), we decode the devils in disguise in her songs.

Premise A Lucinda Williams-type roots-rocker in which Lisa Marie growls about a risky relationship that went wrong despite her lover’s promises. She calls her man a liar — listing his deceptions one by one — while also condemning herself for believing him.
Telling lyric ”I lost my trust in you/You were dangerous and scary/And you poisoned me with the fruits everyone was intrigued by.”
Target Michael Jackson
Verdict We’re a little weirded out by the reference to his ”fruits.” B-

”Nobody Noticed It”
Premise In this guitar-soaked power ballad, Lisa Marie mourns a missing loved one who had a troubled life. She imagines his ghost watching her, and says she’ll never forget him.
Telling lyric ”You’re still lovely/You were lovely then/All that you had to endure/I guess nobody noticed it.”
Target Elvis Presley
Verdict Despite a weak melody, any Elvis fan can relate to this sympathetic daughter. B

Premise On this moody Sarah McLachlan-style meditation, Lisa Marie whisper-sings the tale of a man who wrongly blames her for their disintegrating relationship. He’s had a string of failed love affairs, and tends to assume the women in his life are at fault.
Telling lyric ”You with the advisers in your ear/You did everything right, it’s clear.”
Target Nicolas Cage (who had previously been divorced from Patricia Arquette).
Verdict The biting lyrics would’ve worked better in a rock song. C

”To Whom It May Concern”
Premise Over a shuffling rock beat and echoing guitars, Lisa Marie blasts doctors and parents who give psychiatric drugs to children (her religion, Scientology, is opposed to the practice).
Telling lyric ”When there’s something wrong, take an antidepressant/You can even choose which kind you want by the latest suicide.”
Target The American Psychiatric Association
Verdict The creepy kids’ voices whispering ”I can’t concentrate/Give me a pill” are honestly disturbing. B

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