Limpbizkit plans free tour in May. The band wants to show off its new guitarist

By Gary Susman
Updated April 08, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

The band formerly known as Limp Bizkit has made some changes that should make fans happy. (One of the more mystifying changes is the new name, which frontman Fred Durst announced last week: ”limpbizkit.” Maybe he’s been reading a lot of e.e. cummings.) First, after a lengthy search, the band finally has a new guitarist, Mike Smith, formerly of the band Snot. Second, limpbizkit wants to show him off to the fans and is planning a free tour.

Smith replaces band mainstay Wes Borland, whose 2001 departure led to a yearlong search that included auditioning unknowns and amateurs for the guitar slot. Apparently, Smith meshes well with the rest of the ‘bizkit, since Durst says in a statement, ”We really like jamming with Mike. He’s dope. This you will find out soon enough. Looks like we’re gonna gear up for another ‘Guerilla Tour’ in May. You know, one where we just show up and play free concerts for you. We cant f—— wait! We’re planning it out right now.”

Dates and venues have yet to be announced; last time the band did a free tour, in 1999, it didn’t announce venues until the morning of each show. The group’s new album, now called ”The Search for Teddy Swoes,” is due June 17.