No ''Buffy'' spinoff this fall, cast says. However, some of the Scoobys indicate that they'll be hopping over to ''Angel'' next season

By Gary Susman
Updated April 07, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
Sarah Michelle Gellar: Andrew MacPherson

With only a few more episodes of ”Buffy the Vampire Slayer” to air on UPN before the series finale on May 20, fans have wondered if the rest of the ”Buffy” cast (all but Sarah Michelle Gellar, of course), will continue to fight demons in Sunnydale on a spinoff series. The short answer: Not anytime soon, according to various cast members, who spoke to E! Online last week. However, they’re not ruling out a possible spinoff in the future, and some say they may even be heading over to sister show ”Angel,” giving the strongest indication yet that at least that series will continue next season.

”Somewhere down the line , I reckon there will be a ‘Buffy’ spinoff,” said Anthony Stewart Head, who plays Giles. ”There’s no rush on my part, and I know the fans will wait.” Of the stable of writers, directors, and actors in series creator Joss Whedon’s ”Buffy” and ”Angel” family, Head said, ”I don’t see it disappearing. It’s very strong.”

James Marsters, who plays Spike, would also like to sink his fangs into a spinoff. ”Spike is a Cadillac role, man,” he said. ”You don’t have to work very hard, but you get all the credit. It’s a sweet deal, so if they want to continue paying me really good money and making me look really cool and not working me very hard, I am there.”

Asked if he’d be appearing in the future on ”Angel,” Head said, ”I think maybe I will. I talked to one of the writers about it and said it might be quite fun to bring me over there. It’s such an open book, and that’s what makes it so exciting.” Said Marsters, ”Yeah, I think I am [going to ‘Angel’]. Definitely, we don’t know — but it is being talked about.” Nicholas Brendon (Xander) said he didn’t think his character would get along too well on ”Angel,” and Michelle Trachtenberg (Dawn) and Alyson Hannigan (Willow) said movie commitments would probably keep them from paying crossover visits.

None of this talk means that ”Angel” is coming back to the WB for certain, and indeed, Whedon seems to be preparing for the season finale as if it were also the series finale. As he told E! Online, speaking about ”Angel” star David Boreanaz’s return to ”Buffy” for its final episodes, ”It was important for David to come and do [the ‘Buffy’ finale], which is really sweet considering he’s all over the end of ‘Angel’ at the same time. It means a lot to me and Sarah and David and the writing staff as storytellers, because Angel was there from the beginning and because their relationship transcends everything.”