''Silent Bob'''s Jay resurfaces, film crew in tow. After a year underground, Jason Mewes answers arrest warrant, appearing with a crew filming his withdrawal from heroin
Jason Mewes
Credit: Jason Mewes: Robert Mora/Getty Images

Jason Mewes, who played loudmouth stoner Jay in five Kevin Smith movies, and who has kept a very low profile since a warrant was issued for his arrest at the end of 2001, finally reappeared to answer drug charges on Tuesday at a New Jersey courthouse. Accompanying him was a documentary crew, filming a special for HBO called ”Rock Bottom” that’s chronicling the 28-year-old actor’s withdrawal from heroin, E! Online reports.

Mewes, who starred alongside Smith (as sidekick Silent Bob) most recently in 2001’s ”Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,” had been arrested in 1999 for heroin possession. His probation sentence included community service, drug counseling, and regular court appearances in New Jersey. His failure to show up in court led to an arrest warrant in 2001, which led to his surrender to authorities on Tuesday and his appearance in a Freehold, N.J., Superior Court. As the cameras rolled, the judge ordered Mewes to report within 10 days to a rehab facility in Marlboro, N.J., and complete a four- to six-month program. He’ll then be allowed to return to Los Angeles, where he lives, and have his probation extended through 2005. Another violation will mean up to five years behind bars.

The court footage, along with scenes of Mewes shooting up and experiencing withdrawal, will be part of ”Rock Bottom,” producer Craig Veytia told the Asbury Park Press. He said Mewes ”wants to help other people so they don’t fall into the same trap as he did.”