Halfway through this season of ''Survivor,'' the ''babes washing each other'' bit is getting old, Rob and Deena are growing tiresome, and Dalton Ross admits who he really hopes will win

By Dalton Ross
April 03, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST
Dave Johnson: Monty Brinton
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Again with the hot babes washing each other?!?!

Eight down, eight left. Since we’re now halfway through this sixth edition of ”Survivor,” we can finally get to the fun stuff and start talking a little bit about who’s gonna win the darn thing. There are three obvious favorites.

First is Alex, because he’s physically strong, which plays an increasingly bigger role the longer the game goes on. Remember in the first ”Survivor” when they couldn’t get rid of Kelly Wigglesworth because she kept winning immunity, and how Colby was constantly victorious in the Australian Outback? Alex could easily run a string of victories off to stay in the game.

Then there’s Deena, who matches strength and smarts, a combination that served past winners Ethan and Brian well.

And of course there’s Rob, who seems to have protected himself by making pacts to go down to the final two with everyone on the show except Jeff Probst.

But I’d like to offer another sleeper candidate: the people’s choice, Christy! While, according to Rob, she is not part of the final-five alliance, with all those egos there’s a good chance for some serious power struggles. One of the big three may just try to get rid of another early rather than face them later on when the stakes are even higher.

And if that happens, Christy could easily sweep in as an intriguing alternative. Her only problem is that no one would want to face her in the finals, because, quite frankly, who would want to put their faith in a jury to pick their conniving, deceiving booty over an attractive, friendly deaf girl.

Still, a boy can dream, can’t he? I guess I’m just over the other three. Deena really wore me out last week with her whole ”women are better than men” act. I have nothing against strong assertive women, it’s just strong assertive women who keep going on and on about how strong and assertive they are.

Speaking of people who keep tooting their own horn, what the hell is up with Rob? He’s certainly been amusing at times (especially with his Casey Kasem-style long-distance dedication to Roger, even if it did seem painfully overrehearsed), but his juvenile obsession with half-naked women and downright jealousy of Dave are a major turn-off.

”He thinks he’s the smartest guy in the whole world,” he complained of Dave. Well, yeah, he’s a FREAKIN’ ROCKET SCIENTIST!!! What is this, high school, where you’re all mad because the starting quarterback gets all the chicks? GET OVER IT!

I also didn’t really take to him laughing and making condescending faces at Tribal Council while Matthew talked about finally fitting in with people in the tribe. You know, it’s one thing to fake friendship on this show to get ahead. It’s another thing to needlessly mock their sincerity in front of everyone. Thank God Probst called him on it, which then led to some B.S. story about how he only was signaling how ”proud” he was of Matthew for fitting in. Whatever, dude.

As for Alex, he hasn’t really done anything to make you love him or loathe him. He actually seems to be a pretty straight shooter, but that may get him into trouble down the line. Rob and Deena will probably get nervous about his strength and try to dump him soon after Matthew.

As for the rest of this week’s episode, there wasn’t too much going on. We had our requisite ”hot chicks bathing each other” scene, and requisite ”we’re gonna make fun of other people who aren’t hot chicks” comment when Jenna said ”Screw you, you fat pig,” about Deena. (In Jenna’s defense, she was probably just grumpy because while everyone else was dealing with nasty rainwater in the reward challenge, she was busy dealing with a nasty wedgie. Although, knowing her, maybe that was intentional. The whole thong look.)

I actually felt a little sorry for Dave knowing the whole time he was gonna get ousted. But then he referred to himself as a ”physical powerhouse,” and I didn’t feel so sorry for him anymore. Also, being a rocket scientist, money shouldn’t be too hard for him to come by in the future. With Butch and Matthew most likely the next two to go, Christy has only 9 days to shake things up. Here’s hoping we, like her, never have to hear her name called out at Tribal Council.

Who are you rooting for to win?