David Duchovny will woo Nia Vardalos. He'll play her suitor in the drag comedy ''Connie and Carla''

By Gary Susman
April 01, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST
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David Duchovny is going from Téa to Nia. According to the Hollywood Reporter, he’ll play the love interest of Nia Vardalos in ”Connie and Carla,” the ”My Big Fat Greek Wedding” star’s next film comedy, which she wrote and is producing. The movie starts shooting the first week of May under director Michael Lembeck (”The Santa Clause 2,” TV’s ”Friends”).

The movie sounds like a cross between ”Some Like It Hot” and ”Victor/Victoria.” Vardalos and ”The Hours”’ Toni Collette play two dinner-theater singers who witness a crime and hide out as drag queens in a club in West Hollywood. Duchovny will play Jeff, a man who falls for Vardalos’ character while searching the city for his drag-queen brother. (Wait a minute, does he know she’s really a woman, or does he think she’s a man in drag and fall for her anyway?)

Duchovny has some drag experience himself; in 1990, he played FBI agent Dennis Bryson on ‘ABC’s ‘Twin Peaks,” a man who discovered he enjoyed cross-dressing and preferred to be addressed as Denise. Bryson was still not as ”out there” as Duchovny’s later G-man, Fox Mulder.

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  • PG-13
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