''Pianist'' sees box office jump 137 percent. Other Oscar-winning movies see modest gains
Adrien Brody, The Pianist
Credit: The Pianist: Guy Ferrandis
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Maybe Adrien Brody kissed Halle Berry for luck. Last year, her ”Monster’s Ball” saw its box office take improve 31 percent the week after her Oscar win, one of the best showings in recent years for a non-Best Picture Oscar winner. Her good fortune apparently rubbed off on Brody, whose ”The Pianist” has seen a 137 percent jump since he cemented his Best Actor win with a full court press on Berry a week ago.

Still, Variety notes, that post-Oscar bounce amounts to just a $2.5 million weekend, for a total of $23.6 million earned to date in the U.S. Best Picture winner ”Chicago,” already a substantial hit, saw only a 20 percent bounce, but that amounted to a $7.4 million weekend, bringing the musical’s domestic total to $144.9 million.

Like ”The Pianist,” other smaller profile Academy Award winners expanded into more theaters over the weekend and saw improvements that were high in terms of percentage but modest in total dollars. Foreign film winner ”Nowhere in Africa,” which had grossed about $328,000, saw its take nearly double over the weekend with another $291,000. Original screenplay winner ”Talk to Her” was up 58 percent (for a weekend take of ($334,053). And animated feature winner ”Spirited Away,” whose theatrical life had been all but over, got a $1.6 million shot in the arm, for a total to date of $7.2 million.

On the other hand, not even Nicole Kidman’s Best Actress win could keep ”The Hours” from slipping 24 percent this weekend, taking in just $765,000 for a total of $40.1 million in 14 weeks of release.

The Pianist
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