By Steve Daly
March 28, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST
Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Do you want your ”Rabbit” as a kiddie meal or super-sized with adult side dishes? In reissuing Who Framed Roger Rabbit, its freak-hit salute to old-Hollywood cartoon stars and detective thrillers, Disney has made the dubious decision to aim this two-disc package at what it considers mutually exclusive audiences. Disc 1, labeled ”Family Friendly,” crops the original movie to fill the TV screen (aren’t there families who hate pan-and-scan?) and throws in a lame interactive game, plus three headache-inducing ”Roger Rabbit” shorts. (They’re as sadistic as any ”Itchy & Scratchy,” but with none of the laughs.) Disc 2, for the ”Enthusiast,” properly letterboxes all the Mad-magazine-style sight gags jammed in by director Robert Zemeckis and includes some straight-shooting commentary from the filmmakers, as well as lots of archival photos and concept art. Funniest fact: The screenwriters wanted to reveal villain Judge Doom (Christopher Lloyd) as the man who’d shot the mama deer in ”Bambi,” but Disney execs nixed the idea. What family wouldn’t want to know that?