Lisa Marie dishes on her marriage to Jacko. She tells Rolling Stone magazine that her feelings for him were genuine, until things got ''really ugly''

By Gary Susman
March 26, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST
Lisa Marie Presley: Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images/Newscom

Opening up for the first time about her mid-’90s marriage to Michael Jackson, Lisa Marie Presley says she really did love him but still wonders if he was just using her for publicity. In an interview in the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone magazine, she says, ”I can’t tell you what his intentions were, but I can tell you I absolutely fell in love with him and fell into this whole thing which I’m not proud of now.”

Presley, who is promoting her debut album, ”To Whom It May Concern” (due in stores in two weeks), says Jackson befriended her while she was married to her first husband, musician Danny Keough, and showed her a side of himself the public hasn’t seen. ”I was always saying, ‘People wouldn’t think I was so crazy [for marrying Jackson] if they saw who the hell you really are; that you sit around and you drink and you curse and you’re f—ing funny, and you have a bad mouth and you don’t have that high voice all the time.”

Presley said their two-year marriage included sex ”for a while. And then it became ‘Def Con 2,’ It just got really ugly at the end.” She said she participated in publicity stunts, like the famed smooch at the MTV Video Music Awards, out of a naive desire to protect him from bad publicity. ”I was really in this lioness thing with him — I wanted to protect him. Naive as hell. I never thought for a moment someone like him could actually use me.” The last straw came when Jackson gave an interview to TV Guide claiming that she’d told him Elvis had had a nose job, ”which is absolute bulls—,” she says. (This from the guy who claims he’s had only two nose jobs.) She promptly filed for divorce.

Presley also discussed her brief marriage last year to ”hothead” Nicolas Cage, saying: ”We’re both so dramatic and dynamic that when it was good, it was unbelievably good, and when it was bad, it was just a f—ng bloody nightmare for everybody.” She concludes, ”If you lined up all the men I’ve been with in a row, you’d think that I was completely psychotic.” No word on what Jackson or Cage think of her comments.