By EW Staff
Updated March 21, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

CELINE DION One Heart (Epic) Dion’s newest features three tracks by Max Martin and Rami, the songwriting duo who also brought us ”Oops…I Did It Again.”

RINGO STARR Ringorama (Koch) The ex-Beatle brings on the collaborators, including Willie Nelson, Shawn Colvin, Eric Clapton, and David Gilmour.

ROSEANNE CASH Rules of Travel (Capitol) Cash comes back from vexed vocal chords with a CD boasting duets with Sheryl Crow, Steve Earle, and dad Johnny.

BRIAN McKNIGHT U Turn (Universal) The multiplatinum-selling R&B star drops his eighth disc, with Nelly and Tyrese in cameo roles.


”Rap Is Dead” (from Monster) KILLER MIKE The OutKast protege laments the loss of hip-hop and rock innovators B.I.G., ‘Pac, Lennon, and Cobain.

”Oh Goddamnit” (from Make Up the Breakdown) HOT HOT HEAT A soothing piano chorus takes the edge off this spasmodic love song.

”That Subliminal Kid vs. the Last Mohican” (from Dubtometry) DJ SPOOKY This face-off with DJ Goo is one of many hypnotic collages on the spinner’s latest.

”Some Red Handed Slight of Hand” (from The Ugly Organ) CURSIVE These Nebraskans pump out propulsive pulp with piano and violin.

”Vanilla Radio” (from the import-only single) THE WILDHEARTS Crazy about power chords? Then this riff-drenched, criminally catchy British anthem should send you to shreddin’ heaven.