Monica Lewinsky hosts Fox dating reality series. In ''Mr. Personality,''  a woman will date disguised men without knowing what they really look like

By Gary Susman
Updated March 20, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

Following in the footsteps of her former boss, Monica Lewinsky has landed a short-term TV gig. The woman who proved you don’t have to see a man’s face to have an enjoyable romantic encounter with him will host Fox’s new dating show, ”Mr. Personality,” in which a bachelorette is courted by 20 guys whose true faces are hidden beneath masks and hoods. Viewers, however, will get to see just how hideous the suitors really look when the limited-run series debuts on April 21.

While former president Bill Clinton is currently mixing it up with old rival Bob Dole on Sundays on ”60 Minutes,’ his former White House intern will emcee ”Mr. Personality” on Mondays in the slot occupied earlier this year by Fox’s matchmaking blockbuster ”Joe Millionaire.” ”Since Fox is the network that has had the greatest success with this genre, I was very excited when they approached me to host the show,” the handbag designer said in a statement. ”It sounds like good fun.”