Here's what the cast of ''Friends'' is up to this week. Courteney has a new movie, Matthew Perry's on ''The West Wing''

By Brian Hiatt
Updated March 20, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST
Friends: Warner Bros. Television

Chandler, meet President Bartlet. Matthew Perry will take a break from ”Friends” to guest-star in two upcoming episodes of ”The West Wing” — but not, thankfully, in the guise of Mr. Bing. In the episodes, to be broadcast April 23 and 30, Perry will play a lawyer who interviews for the position of White House associate counsel, according to NBC. Since he’s only signed for those two episodes, it seems safe to say he’s not getting the gig.

Meanwhile, Courteney Cox Arquette has an extracurricular role of her own: She’s signed on to star in a low-budget, digitally shot drama called ”November,” Variety reported. She’ll play a photographer trying to hold onto her sanity after the traumatic death of her boyfriend. The movie is set to start shooting in May, with fledgling director Greg Harrison helming, according to Variety.