Frankie Muniz talks about Madonna and more. The ''Malcolm in the Middle'' star does his best 007 impression in his adolescent CIA pic, ''Agent Cody Banks''

By Adam Duerson
March 18, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST
Frankie Muniz: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
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Malcolm’s STILL in the middle. Prep schooler by day, CIA operative by night (until curfew, that is), Frankie Muniz in ”Agent Cody Banks” — the nation’s No. 2 movie with a $15 million opening weekend — fills the audience gap between the ankle-biting antics of ”Spy Kids” and the X-treme crime fighting of ”XXX.” Muniz, 17, talks with about girl trouble, on-the-job ”perks,” and his intimidating boss… Madonna!

In ”Cody Banks” you play a 15-year-old who can’t relate to girls. Your best pickup line in the movie: ”Are those books?” You got anything better in your personal arsenal?
Nope. Nothing. I’m sooo bad at approaching a girl and using a pickup line or even saying anything to a girl. It’s scary. But if a girl were to come up to me, then I’m fine.

You can’t be THAT bad with the women. After all, you end up with your face buried in Angie Harmon’s chest twice in the movie.
Definitely the most exciting experience of my life. I must say it was awesome.

Might Angie Harmon face-washes be a stipulation in your contract for ”Agent Cody Banks 2,” which is already in development?
It IS! It says I have to be on her chest THREE times.

Speaking of girls, 007 always gets a new female companion in each Bond movie. Any ideas for the next Cody Banks girl?
[”American Dreams”’] Brittany Snow. I want her to do it, and I’m friends with her, so she’d be perfect. It’s really hard to find 16 and 17-year-old girls who are well known to be in the movie because there aren’t that many.

Madonna executive produced ”Agent Cody Banks.” What was scarier: real-life boss Madonna or ”Barbershop”’s Keith David as your CIA superior?
Keith David is pretty intimidating as an actor, but he’s the nicest guy when he’s not acting. He’s always singing all these showtunes, like ”Stepping out with my baaaaby….” Madonna was more intimidating because, well, she’s Madonna. She was a bit ominous just because she wasn’t on the set.

Jason Alexander also got an executive producer credit. Does that mean KFC took care of craft service?
The funny thing is he worked on ”Malcolm in the Middle” after we filmed ”Cody Banks” and he kept talking to me about it. I went [to KFC] for lunch that day because he reminded me how good it is.

Cody Banks tools around in a red Ferrari, but in real life you drive a souped-up Jetta from ”The Fast and the Furious.” Any recent moving violations?
I’m not driving it anymore because I was getting too crazy and the cops were getting to know it, so they’d pull me over. I got pulled over ten times, but I only got one ticket. They’d just be like, ”Awww, sorry Malcolm.”

As you close in on 20 are you considering amending the name Frankie? Perhaps to something more adult-sounding like Frank or your real name, Francisco.
I don’t think so. I like Frankie a lot. I don’t like when people call me Frank because it sounds so old. Frankie just seems fun no matter what age I am. Plus, Jimmy Carter pulled it off.

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