Darius Rucker, you've got 15 minutes...

By Evan Serpick
March 14, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

1. Name the president of the Augusta National Golf Club. That’s my boy, Hootie Johnson. He’s got our name and he went to the University of South Carolina [like us].

2. Define Kootchypop, the title of Hootie’s 1993 debut EP. It’s what you think it is. It’s the most important body part in the whole world. And men don’t have one.

3. Dave Matthews Band are playing at the SigEp house at 8:30 p.m., G. Love is rocking out at Phi Gamma at 10, and Hootie go on stage at AEPi at 1 a.m. How many kegs do you order for each show? Oh wow. For G. Love, you need five. For Dave, you’re gonna need 10. For us, if we’re goin’ on at one, you’re definitely gonna need 15 or 20.

4. Who was the producer of the new Hootie album? Don Was.

5. Don was the producer? Yeah.

6. Don who? Don Was.

7. Don was what? Don was…outstanding.