Since My Big Fat Greek Life debuted to the biggest, fattest sitcom audience in more than four years, critics have been cooking up disparaging locutions based on the theme of big fatness to lob in its direction. So why the big fat rift in opinion? Can 22.9 million big fat viewers be wrong? (Not to imply that you, personally…well, you know…) While skeptics may skewer CBS’ movie spin-off like a leg o’ lamb in a stand-up rotisserie, the rest of America will likely hoist their pita pockets, eagerly awaiting more big fat Greek filler. Here are five reasons why. — Carina Chocano

Jokes about the Greek origins of everything get funnier with each retelling.

Turns out America couldn’t live without Providence’s Melina Kanakaredes — but it was too late. Her hair had already been dismantled.

Frequent Windex mentions keep product top of mind, cutting grocery-list-compiling time.

Other ethnic groups breathe sighs of relief as Greeks pick up cultural cliche slack.

Family and body type get big yuks, but self-loathing hits this one outta the souvlaki stand.

My Big Fat Greek Life
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