What the country is talking about this week...

By Jim Mullen
March 14, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

1 MADONNA The envelope-pushing pop star signed a deal to pen five kids’ books. The first is called Heather Has 10 Daddies.

2 MARTIN SHEEN NBC fears his public antiwar stance may hurt The West Wing’s ratings. Like a war wouldn’t?

3 FEAR FACTOR The players must slide down the face of a pyramid-shaped casino in Las Vegas. What’s the fear? That halfway down it’ll turn into a banister?

4 REGIS PHILBIN TALENT SEARCH Live! is holding a contest to find a fill-in for Kelly Ripa. The winner must be able to sit in a chair.

5 ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME The Clash and AC/DC will be inducted. Just think about what Pete Rose would have to do to get banned from a place like this.

6 TEARS OF THE SUN Bruce Willis leads a small team of Navy SEALs on a dangerous, hopeless rescue mission. Saving Demi Moore’s career.

7 ST. PATRICK’S DAY His T-shirt says: ”I rid Ireland of snakes and all I got was a cup of warm green beer.”

8 JOAN LUNDEN The newswoman and her husband are expecting twins via a surrogate mother. The hard part’s getting someone else to raise them.

9 LET’S MAKE A DEAL A new version of the Monty Hall game show is now in prime time. So this is what you bought that 32-inch flat-screen TV for?

10 JERRY & JESSICA’S BABY The Seinfelds have had another child. Sounds like it’s time to build a bigger house.

11 DAVID WELLS The Yankee left-hander says he pitched a perfect game in 1998 while he was half drunk. Five years later, New York fans are still feeling his hangover.

12 LIZA & DAVID They’ll celebrate their first anniversary with 1,200 of their nearest and dearest. And all of them want to hang out in the kitchen while she’s trying to cook.

13 RETURN TO THE BATCAVE The Batman TV cast reunites to find the missing Batmobile. Overheard on the set: ”Adam West went to the Batroom and when he came back it was gone.”

14 TAKE ME OUT Critics love the Broadway play about a star baseball player who outs himself. Some say it’s faaabulous, others say it’s to die for.

15 OPRAH Forbes says she’s the first African-American female billionaire. She’s opened the door for other minority multimillionaires.

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