Police rule out suicide in Spector case. Despite Phil Spector's claim, police say Lana Clarkson didn't kill herself

By Brian Hiatt
March 12, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

Lana Clarkson could not have killed herself at Phil Spector’s house, police told the Associated Press on Tuesday. They were responding to Phil Spector’s reported claim in an e-mail that the actress’ death was about to be ruled an ”accidental suicide”; police told AP they’ve ruled out that possibility. ”We believe a crime occurred,” Los Angeles sheriff’s captain Frank Merriman told AP.

Meanwhile, Spector’s lawyer, Robert Shapiro, told AP that he remains convinced that his client will be cleared of any wrongdoing. Shapiro said that Clarkson was killed with a single bullet, denying reports that multiple shots were fired. Spector has yet to be charged in the case, though he’s out on $1 million bail. Citing the complexity of forensic tests, police told the Associated Press that they may not present a case to district attorneys until the summer.