By Karen Valby
Updated March 07, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

Like paint from a brush turns into fine art You walked into my life from my dreams to my heart All the heat from the sun Every jewel of the Nile Are a cool breeze and broken glass To your warm, precious smile

The Bachelorette’s Ryan Sutter wooed a reality TV princess with his words (”There was me. There was you. There was Shamu”). But would the literary world be so easily seduced? EW shopped his rhyming wares to a team of experts, in hopes of securing the budding poet a mentor, an agent, and an editor.

”I’m getting a mild headache trying to picture paint walking into someone’s life, or even walking down to the store for a pack of smokes.” — BILLY COLLINS, POET LAUREATE OF THE UNITED STATES

”His lyrics are impressive, but I would not suggest committing them to paper. They should be slurred very loudly to power chords.” — CHRIS CALHOUN, LITERARY AGENT, STERLING LORD LITERISTIC, INC.

”Love poems are beyond criticism as long as they stay between lovers (and killer whales, as the case may be).” — STEVE YOUNG, SENIOR EDITOR, POETRY MAGAZINE