By EW Staff
February 28, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

X-fans were over the moon for our cover and blue-tiful X2 mutant Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (#692/693, Jan. 24/31). ”Yowza!” hoots San Diego’s Anthony Lacy. ”Many thanks for the photo of Mystique. You’ve made a comic fanboy happy!” Others who ventured past the cover found more titillating peeks at what the year will offer in all areas of entertainment. Still, some didn’t feel completely satisfied. ”How could you overlook Jason Vs. Freddy?” wonders Jonathan Watkins of Nashville. ”I’m sure it’ll suck, but two pop-culture icons going mano a mano? Count me in.” And Lenny Felgin of Alpharetta, Ga., complains, ”Your entertainment priorities were a little screwed up. X2 gets two pages and the Matrix sequels barely get a column. You did the same with T3: Rise of the Machines. Surely the Schwarzenegger movie deserves at least a column, not just a mention.” Oh, but he’ll be bahk.

Forecasting Call

All I can say about your cover of Rebecca Romijn-Stamos is…thank you for moving my address label to the lower left corner. J. BENNETT St. Clair, Minn.

When I saw your cover, I felt I should tell you about a terrible disease which actually makes supermodels think they can act! Cindy Crawford, Elle Macpherson, Kathy Ireland, and your cover girl Rebecca Romijn-Stamos have all caught it. I hope that somebody finds a cure soon or moviegoers around the world will be tortured with years and years of crap like Fair Game, Sirens, and Necessary Roughness! MIKE CURTIS West Orange, N.J.

Very solid guide to 2003. Great to see less publicized films like Cold Mountain get recognition, as we need a reprieve from the nonstop coverage of films like the Lord of the Rings and Matrix sequels. SEAN STINY Sacramento

Everyone keeps saying that Down With Love starring Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor is like the Doris Day-Rock Hudson movies, and maybe it is. However, after seeing your preview, I think people are forgetting the Natalie Wood — Tony Curtis movie Sex and the Single Girl. In fact, the plot of Down With Love seems almost identical to that movie (a writer from a trashy magazine makes the author of a women’s novel fall in love with him; and in each case the book title is the film’s title). BETHANY FORD Siloam Springs, Ark.

As a fan of Traci Lords’ mainstream career, I was a little irritated at the adult spin of your article. I’m not saying people should deny her past, but not once was her list of acting credits in mainstream TV and movies ever mentioned. I think once her autobiography is released, people will realize that there is much more to Traci Lords than just a pretty face and the controversy. BEN OBINA Toronto

Your guide to 2003 was a breath of fresh air. I have noticed your growing coverage of the glorious stage over the past six months and was overjoyed to see mention of Bernadette Peters in Gypsy and also the lesser-known Nine and The Play What I Wrote. Merci! SAMANTHA SHADA Loveland, Colo.