Fred tells all about Britney affair. He blabs to Howard Stern after Spears says she hardly knew him
Fred Durst
Credit: Fred Durst: Shark Pictures/ZUMA Press/Newscom

Fred Durst, who in recent weeks has been denying that he and Britney Spears dated (”Hell no,” he said in one TV interview), changed his tune Thursday, telling Howard Stern that his brief fling with Spears was not that innocent. The Limp Bizkit frontman said he was compelled by Spears’ recent statements that she barely knew him to set the record straight. ”This [relationship] went on for a little while, that’s what’s pretty unbelievable about this crap she’s talking.”

According to Durst, who was producing some tracks for Spears in January, he developed a crush on her and slipped her a love note. She responded by returning to the studio late at night in a ”see-through shirt with no bra” and invited him back to her house. As for what happened next, he quoted a lyric from one of his upcoming songs: ”Ain’t it funny, scared to admit it/ Very first night made the Limp dog hit it.” Durst even blabbed about Britney’s fabled endowments; in the words of ”Seinfeld,” they’re real, and they’re spectacular.

On Monday, Spears appeared on MTV’s ”TRL,” and when asked by Carson Daly if she was dating Durst, she scowled and said, ”No, he’s not my type.” In another recent interview, she said of Durst, ”We worked together for three days and he’s a really cool guy, but there’s no relationship.” Durst’s response to such denials has been to release a new Limp Bizkit song, ”Just Drop Dead,” on the band’s website, in which the singer disses a woman who left him for another guy. Talking to Stern on Thursday, Durst said this song was not specifically about her but that she was a partial inspiration.

Responding to Durst’s latest dish, Spears’ spokesperson told the New York Post, ”Once again it’s Fred playing kiss and tell. Only Fred’s doing a lot more talking than he ever did kissing. This whole stuation is very junior high school.” As for Spears, she’s dropped the three Durst-produced tracks from her forthcoming album, MTV News reports.