EW.com readers to ''AI'' singers: Lose the 'tude! With the fourth round over, most people agree that the performers need to worry more about their performances, less about dissing the judges

By EW Staff
February 27, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST
Corey Clark: J. Viles
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EW.com readers to ”AI” singers: Lose the ‘tude!

Yes, of course insults were slung in this week’s episode (it IS ”American Idol” after all), but the shock is that the more colorful disses weren’t coming from Simon — they were addressed TO him. After the fourth-round semifinal — from which Marine Joshua Gracin and Corey Clark emerged the victors — EW.com readers posting to our message board seem to be fed up with the performers and performances and wish they’d show the judges — especially Simon! — a little more respect.

Many of you are just plain tired of all the ‘tude the contestants are displaying. Here are what we consider to be the 10 best comments on that topic:

Every week I watch this show and every week I become more and more amazed at the nastiness of the contestants when, let’s face it, the truth is told. They knew ahead of time this is what the show was about and if you can’t take the criticism of 3 judges, how can you become the object of criticism of millions of people if you actually won the contest. Don’t put it out there if you don’t want to know what people think!

Is anyone else getting tired of no-talents mouthing off every time one of the judges tells them the truth? These people can’t sing. If this keeps up, even more people will quit watching.

The egotistical attitude of some contestants this season is amazing. They’re given a great opportunity to get vocal training and professional guidance, but they prefer to mouth off. Simon is right about Juanita’s facial contortions and she should thank him for pointing it out. Ruben, Joshua, Corey and Clay all have graciousness and class as well as talent, something sorely lacking this season on AI.

There has been very little to be impressed with in any of the groups. It now seems like they are on a mission to see who can be the rudest back to Simon, not who can out perform.

Well, last night’s results showed Juanita that she has not earned the right to have that ”Diva” attitude. In this kind of business you don’t get to be rude and then rewarded for it.

…certainly no one I know would vote for someone showing disrespect, and I think the judges should say something about it–perhaps they should be kicked out of the competition!!!!!

Wow, do these guys have attitudes, or what? Not an ounce of gratitude for getting as far as they did. Unbelievable. They have some nerve trying to tell off the judges, in my book. What ever happened to ”thank you for this amazing opportunity?”

If these spoiled little brats really want to make it in the business, they better learn to keep their mouths shut and actually listen to those judges that are giving them (mostly) good advice. At least Simon tells it like it is! All that attitude is a big fat turn off!

Lord deliver us from mediocre singers with delusions of talent. Yes, Simon’s comments can be rude, and all the more annoying for the fact that we know that FOX uses it as a gimmick, but he’s usually right; and besides, it’s never cool to throw around that much attitude, especially if it’s out of sheer brick-headed ego, and *especially* when you’re talking to the person who is basically your potential boss.

Juanita was an embarrassment to the competition. She should have bowed out gracefully. Simon’s tactics are not always right but at least he is trying to give constructive criticism. If she can’t take the criticism than she doesn’t need to be a star.

Meanwhile, Simon sparked another topic of discussion when he mentioned that next week’s ”wild card” show will have a surprise twist. Most people seem to think they already know what the twist is, or maybe they’re just being optimistic:

I hope the ”twist” is that they bring Frenchie back in the wildcard round…. the show has really been BORING and I’m watching more out of curiousity (like driving by a car wreck slowly) than anticipation. Hopefully the producers and the network figured out they made a mistake by taking her out of the competition.

But for some even Frenchie’s return would not be enough to raise the talent level:

Why doesn’t the show just ditch the ones that got voted into the top ten so far and go with the wild card group. Couldn’t be any worse.

What do you think of ”American Idol”’s second season?

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