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''Daredevil'''s Jennifer Garner gets a spin-off. The ''Alias'' agent is set to star in her own superhero flick

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Action Adventure
February 27, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

Along with prepping the spin-off for ”Daredevil”’s bodacious nemesis/love interest, Elektra (Jennifer Garner) — guess that answers the question of whether she dies at the end of the movie — producer Gary Foster is drawing up a list of baddies who could appear in the high-flying hit’s planned sequel. ”There’s Typhoid Mary, who’s psychotic,” Foster says. ”By day she’s normal, but at night she loses her mind. She’s very cool and sexy.” Other potential villains are the Owl, a crime overlord, and Black Widow, a Russian ex-ballerina and Daredevil ally who could turn to the dark side. And director and comic aficionado Kevin Smith (who appears in the film as a lab assistant) offers another offbeat casting idea: ”Matt Damon would be hot. America wants to see the inevitable: Ben Affleck and Damon making out.”

(Additional reporting by William Keck)

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