Kidman and Cruise launch dueling witch pics. As Nic's ''Bewitched'' redo hits the fast track, Tom plans a remake of ''I Married a Witch''

By Gary Susman
Updated February 25, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST
Nicole Kidman
Credit: Nicole Kidman: Franziska Krug/Action Press/ZUMA Press/Newscom

I Married a Witch

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Tom Cruise is preparing to star in a Danny DeVito-directed remake of the 1942 comedy ”I Married a Witch” for Sony Pictures, Variety reports, but we bet he wishes he could call it ”I Married a Witch, Then Divorced Her, and Now She’s Making Her Own Married-to-a-Witch Comedy for the Same Studio.” The Cruise news comes on the same day as word that Sony’s ”Bewitched” adaptation, which is to star Nicole Kidman, is now on the fast track, according to the Hollywood Reporter, with Nora Ephron (”You’ve Got Mail”) in talks to write and direct.

Cruise brought ”I Married a Witch” to Sony five years ago, when he and Kidman were still married, with an eye toward starring in it with her. It’s the story of a witch who puts a centuries-long curse on a family’s male descendants, only to fall in love with one of them and retreat to a life of mortal domesticity. (The original starred Veronica Lake and Fredric March.) Sounds a lot like ”Bewitched,” based on the 1964-72 sitcom, which Sony began developing for Kidman last September.

Neither deal is solid; DeVito tells Variety he expects to start shooting by the end of the year, but Sony has yet to list the film on its production slate. Kidman, too, has yet to sign on the dotted line, though the film is supposed to shoot early next year, according to the Reporter.

Meanwhile, the Reporter says, Kidman and Brad Pitt are in talks to star in ”Mr. and Mrs. Smith” for director Doug Liman (”The Bourne Identity”), an action comedy about an unhappily married couple who learn they are both enemy assassins contracted to kill each other. Gee, that also seems like it would have been a natural for Kidman and Cruise.

I Married a Witch

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