Entertainment Weekly forecasts who'll emerge victorious in 14 categories at the Feb. 23 ceremony

By Evan SerpickBrian Hiatt and Rob Brunner
Updated February 21, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST
Grammy Illustration by Joe Ciardiello

The Boss or Norah? We predict the Grammy winners

There’s nothing Grammy voters love more than an aging rocker on a comeback — except, perhaps, a comely young singer with a classic sound. So with Bruce Springsteen and Norah Jones among the top contenders for the 45th annual awards on Feb. 23, some voters’ knees may not have known which way to jerk. Add in the once-verboten, now-adored Eminem, and you have a suspenseful Grammy race. All three are nominated in five categories, along with Ashanti, Avril Lavigne, Sheryl Crow, Nelly, and Raphael Saadiq.

As the ceremony returns to New York City after four years in L.A., we polled some music-industry pros — many of them Grammy voters — for the anonymous scoop on who they think will nab the top trophies. Read on for our predictions in 14 Grammy races.

Image credit: Bruce Springsteen: James Devaney/Wireimage.com PREDICTION They don’t call him the Boss for nothing: Springsteen will nab this award


of the Year

Here’s our pick to win Album of the Year

SURVEY SAYS Springsteen will likely rise to the podium for his E Street-backed meditation on 9/11. ”He captured a moment poignantly and he’s getting respect for that,” says one major-label president. ”They gave it to Steely Dan [in 2001] — you’ve gotta think they’re gonna give it to Bruce,” adds a veteran songwriter. Eminem has an, um, slim chance, even though one insider insists ”it’s the strongest album.”

Image credit: Norah Jones: Joann Savio PREDICTION Jones should ”Come Away” with this award


of the Year

Here’s our pick to win Record of the Year

SURVEY SAYS Norah. ”She’s the Alicia Keys of this year,” says one A&R exec. ”She’s captured the attention of such a cross section of people.” Adds the label chief, ”She made a textbook Grammy album.” But some counter that it feels so empty without a certain white rapper. ”’Record of the Year’ is the song that you remember from this year — that’s Eminem.” And don’t waste your dime betting on Nickelback.

Image credit: Alan Jackson: Jason Redmond/Wireimage.com PREDICTION The ”World” won’t stop turning when Jackson loses to Jones


of the Year

Here’s our pick to win Song of the Year

SURVEY SAYS Norah’s — by a nose. As three panelists say, ”it’s a timeless song.” But Springsteen’s and Jackson’s timely tunes are also in the running. ”Of the two September 11 songs it’s probably Alan Jackson,” says a major producer. One label GM agrees: ”It’s much bigger than a country song.” But one insider dissents. ”They’ll reward Bruce for being the great songwriter that he’s been throughout the years.”

Image credit: Avril Lavigne: Emily Shur/Visages PREDICTION Lavigne may be the youngest in this crowd, but she won’t toddle away with the prize


New Artist

Here’s our pick to win Best New Artist

SURVEY SAYS The verdict is unanimous. ”I don’t think you could find a better prototype for Best New Artist than Norah Jones,” says the producer. ”Anyone not putting money on Norah Jones is better off just sending the money to me,” says another insider (who, sadly, didn’t provide an address). Still, one Norah fan jokingly hopes ”they give it to Avril, because [winning] Best New Artist can hurt your career.”

Image credit: Gwen Stefani: Isabel Snyder/Corbis Outline PREDICTION ”Steady” rockers Stefani and No Doubt will pick up the prize


Pop Vocal Album

Here’s our pick to win Best Pop Vocal Album

SURVEY SAYS Despite several votes for Norah, No Doubt are serious contenders — especially after upstaging Sting at the Super Bowl. ”Gwen [Stefani] is such a strong female presence, and she continues to make popular music with credibility.” While voters scoffed at the chances for Avril and Britney, several admitted they were tickled by Pink. ”Pound for pound, inch for inch, ‘M!ssundaztood’ is the best album.”

Image credit: Sheryl Crow: Kevin Mazur/Wireimage.com PREDICTION ”C’mon, C’mon”! We know Crow will lose to Bruce


Rock Album

Here’s our pick to win Best Rock Album

SURVEY SAYS Don’t worry, they’re not booing. ”Bruuuuuce! That record is just heads and tails above the others here.” Forty-one-year-old VH1 mainstay Crow, who’s ”done well in the past,” also has a chance. On the other hand, Tonic, whose last hit was 1999’s ”You Wanted More,” has our panelists reaching for the gin. ”How they keep putting out albums that don’t sell and getting nominations is beyond me.”

Image credit: Dave Grohl: Poliena/A.P.R.F./Shooting Star PREDICTION Grohl’s band Foo Fighters will rewarded for their hard, rockin’ performance


Hard Rock Performance

Here’s our pick to win Best Hard Rock Performance

SURVEY SAYS Looks like a Foo-in. ”Dave Grohl is a legendary guy, funny and gracious and talented,” gushes one source. ”People know who they are and there’s respect for Nirvana.” Of course, Grohl would be a loser as drummer for Queens of the Stone Age. ”That band is brilliant, but I’m not sure their album reached enough people.” And one insider picks the dark horse: ”Hands down, P.O.D. They sold a lot of records.”

Image credit: Coldplay: Andy Cotterill/Camera Press/Retna PREDICTION There’s just no alternative: Coldplay will win in this category


Alternative Music Album

Here’s our pick to win Best Alternative Music Album

SURVEY SAYS ”Coldplay, ’cause they’re sexy.” And easy to digest: ”They’re like the alt-rock Sade — background music.” And popular (not just with Gwyneth). ”I would be incredibly shocked and disappointed if [the band] doesn’t win. They’ll be U2-like two or three albums down the line.” While Grammy perennial Beck may get some votes, one insider concedes: ”I’m a big Beck fan and I can’t get through this album.”

Image credit: Ashanti: Nathaniel Welch/Corbis Outline PREDICTION Don’t be ”Foolish” — Ashanti should walk away with this prize


Contemporary R&B Album

Here’s our pick to win Best Contemporary R&B Album

SURVEY SAYS ”Easy: Ashanti. Everybody thought she’d be up for Record of the Year. This award she gets.” After all, her not-exactly-stiff competition includes two high-profile flops (Brandy and Evans) and a couple of fringe favorites (Floetry and Ndegeocello). ”When people are voting in unfamiliar categories, they pick names that are familiar. Ashanti and the Murder Inc. squad are certainly well known.”

Image credit: India.Arie: Retna PREDICTION India.Arie should take a ”Voyage” to the winner’s podium


R&B Album

Here’s our pick to win Best R&B Album

SURVEY SAYS In a field of relative unknowns, ”India.Arie might win. People will give her the sympathy vote because she was nominated for all those awards last year and didn’t win a thing.” Some panelists were puzzled over precisely how this category differs from Best Contemporary R&B Album, while one insider notes, ”It wasn’t a great year for R&B albums.” Or, as another succinctly puts it: ”Joe? Ech.”

Image credit: Eminem: Kevin Knight/Corbis Outline PREDICTION The ”Show” will go on — and Eminem should win this award


Rap Album

Here’s our pick to win Best Rap Album

SURVEY SAYS Marshall, Marshall, Marshall. Mr. Mathers’ 7.8 million-selling hit ”The Eminem Show” is ”the most important record of the year.” Plus, it’s ”absolutely the weakest rap-album category since the days of the Fresh Prince and M.C. Hammer,” says a famed studio wizard. ”Petey Pablo? I mean, come on. Mystikal? Terrible record. What a diluted category.” Hey, dude, hate the sin, not the ”Sinner.”

Image credit: Nelly: Jack Chuck/Corbis Outline PREDICTION There’s no ”Dilemma” herre: ”Hot” rapper Nelly will win


Rap/Sung Collaboration

Here’s our pick to win Best Rap/Sung Collaboration

SURVEY SAYS It’s Nelly in herre. ”That’s a monster record.” Twin nominations ”will split the Ashanti vote,” and ”the Nappy Roots record isn’t as well-known.” His newfound street cred aside, Timberlake is unlikely to pull out a victory here. ”Him winning a rap award would be the first sign of the Apocalypse. If he wins, he should keep his Grammy next to Jethro Tull’s [1988] best metal performance award.”

PREDICTION The Dixie Chicks will most likely be taking ”Home” this award


Country Album

Here’s our pick to win Best Country Album

SURVEY SAYS Grammy will be whistlin’ Dixie. ”It’s that combination of popularity and critical acclaim.” Adds an A&R exec: ”They made a record that was very much in the ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ vein.” Alan Jackson’s triple-platinum album could be a factor, but ”not as many people are familiar with the other records.” (Willie and Dolly were big names with small sales figures.) Stick with the Chicks.

PREDICTION Dave and Jeff Koz will win. Why? Just Koz


Pop Instrumental Performance

Here’s our pick to win Best Pop Instrumental Performance

SURVEY SAYS Our panelists were stumped. ”God, some of these categories are just so head-scratching.” ”What is this all about?” Pressed for a guess, one offers, ”Moby is super-identifiable.” On the other hand, one voter is ”sick to death of your gospel-choir-over-techno-beat one-trick pony, so nice work shooting yourself in the foot.” Another insists: ”People love Dave Koz.” Okay: Dave Koz. What the hell.