See who's on the wish list for ''Surreal'''s season 2. The WB show, steadily gaining ground in the ratings, looks forward to beginning again as early as the summer

M.C. Hammer, Emmanuel Lewis, ...
Credit: The Surreal Life: Bruce Malone

Give it up for Corey Feldman! Viewers are so taken by ”The Surreal Life” — which features such C-level celebs as Feldman, M.C. Hammer, and Emmanuel Lewis living as L.A. roomies — that The WB has decided to bring it back as early as this summer with a new cast.

The first season of ”Life” (which ends Feb. 20) has not only improved on its 9 p.m. Thursday time slot by 65 percent among adults 18-34, it’s also juiced the careers of participants like Hammer, who’s shopping his own sitcom. ”When I initially called people to cast this show, no one wanted to do it. They were offended,” says WB senior VP Keith Cox. ”Now I think I’ll have to say no to people.”

On Cox’s wish list: the King of Pop, whom he’s asked to appear in season 2. ”When we cast this show we look for people who are beloved, controversial, or iconic. And with Michael Jackson, you get all three,” says Cox. ”I think it would be an opportunity for him to show another side of himself to the American public.” Um, is there another side left to show?

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