Kate Hudson will host technical Oscars. She'll hand out the scientific awards at a March 1 banquet and announce the winners to the world at the main Oscar ceremony

By Gary Susman
February 19, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

A lot of preliminary Oscar hopefuls, on the science and technical side, will win a golden guy in about 10 days. Presenting their awards will be ”How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” star Kate Hudson. She’ll host the annual banquet for the sci-tech winners on March 1 at the Regent Beverly Wilshire hotel in Beverly Hills. She’ll also present the clip reel of highlights from the banquet during the Academy Awards ceremony on March 23.

Hudson will present 14 awards to innovators behind ”devices, methods, formulas, discoveries or inventions of special and outstanding value to the arts and sciences of motion pictures,” the Academy announced Tuesday. Plus, she’ll add the requisite blonde-starlet glamour to the otherwise arcane precedings. (Last year’s host was Charlize Theron.)

Not that the sci-tech Oscar banquet can’t be an exciting event. Last year’s was a little too exciting, with a mysterious Norwalk-like virus afflicting at least 100 of the guests, making them violently ill in the days after the event. That banquet was also held at the Regent Beverly Wilshire, but investigators from the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services ultimately determined that the hotel’s food-handling procedures were not at fault.