By Caroline Kepnes
Updated February 14, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

Roses are red, hot tubs are bubbly, reality-TV poems make us feel weird and cuddly. But can you distinguish among the verses of loan officer Melissa Jo ”Mojo” Hunter of Fox’s Joe Millionaire, firefighter Ryan Sutter of ABC’s The Bachelorette, and artist Tim Gittings on The WB’s High School Reunion — especially when we toss celeb ”poet” Jewel Kilcher into the mix? — Caroline Kepnes

1 Here I am not knowing where I stand/Here I am looking for a place to land/My heart in the palm of her hand/A boy dying to be her man.

2 While you slept/I looked inside your chest/To see what there/ was growing/I saw my heart/with quiet eyes/To your side its self/was gently sewing.

3 The vibrant blood that flows in your veins/The electricity of your presence/The soft silence when your heart is open/And your eyes understand.

4 Now don’t get me wrong/I don’t know you just yet/But who is to say/If we only just met?

ANSWERs: (1) Ryan; (2) Jewel; (3) Tim; (4) Mojo