By Will Hermes
February 07, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

Selling Live Water


”I got a big mouth, a big heart, and a thick head, and I’m not afraid to use them,” spat Sole on an early manifesto, and he ain’t lyin’. The driving force behind anticon—a fascinatingly freakish, largely Caucasian cartel of hip-hop experimentalists–Sole is the crew’s most ruthlessly self-battling MC. And for a label that prioritizes the deconstruction of hip-hop will to power, that’s really saying something. Fire-hosing doubt and loathing over short-circuiting samplers and sputtering beats, Sole shrink-raps with a radical spirit and a first-thought/best-thought charm. Unfortunately, his spiels can deteriorate into what sounds like unedited 4 a.m. caffeine babble–he even footnotes his lyric sheet. HOT- BUTTON VERSE NO. 3 ”As far as the white man being ‘the f—ing devil,’ I feel ya, son—but last I checked, Beelzebub’s was a rainbow coalition.”

Selling Live Water

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