The Kids in the Hall answer some silly questions. Canada's cross-dressing comedy troupe can soon be seen again on pay-per-view

By Mandi Bierly
Updated February 07, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

Kids in the Hall: Tour of Duty

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Peace. Apparently all you need to achieve it is sandwiches, Scotch, and six years since you dropped your last bomb. Or so say the former TV comedy troupe ”The Kids in the Hall” — Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, Scott Thompson, and Bruce McCulloch — who saw their disastrous big-screen debut, ”Brain Candy,” implode at the box office in 1996. Now, after performing 31 largely sold-out shows on last year’s Tour of Duty — captured in a pay-per-view special airing Feb. 8 — the gang has a new mission: a second movie, tentatively titled ”Not Brain Candy 2.”

While they’re still debating how to write it — McDonald wants to improv it out in rehearsals, McKinney wants to fine-tune it on tour like the Marx Brothers, Thompson wants to script it himself and have the others perform every line exactly as written — EW decided to celebrate the Kids’ return to TV with a round of silly questions.

— You hit 31 cities on the Tour of Duty. Who’s the best person to travel with?
SCOTT Dave. He’s very easygoing. He has the most expensive Scotch. And he knows how to set up my PlayStation 2.
DAVE That’s true. I was the utility man on the road. I was the only one that knew how to work the satellite TV system. So once I’d go to bed, they were all crippled entertainment-wise.
MARK Me. No doubt. If your baggage is lost, I’m the guy that’ll go to the counter to get it. I stay up late, but not too late. I think of other people, and yet I’m sufficiently narcissistic to make myself lively and entertaining.
BRUCE Mark is very good if you go to a restaurant and need someone to send back wine. Kevin’s very good if you need a spare Kleenex. Scott is very good if you want to ask a question about sexual politics and then pretend to listen for a long time.

— When you reunited for 2000’s Same Guys, New Dresses tour, it had been nearly four years since you’d been together. What were you thinking on your way to that first meeting?
BRUCE I hope there’s a plate of sandwiches, which will give us a displacement activity.
DAVE Have I made enough sandwiches? And I hadn’t. I had forgotten Scott’s voracious appetite.
SCOTT I hope the rumors weren’t true. I hope they haven’t gained too much weight.
KEVIN I tried to get out of it. I had started doing flaky things like yoga and acupuncture, and I knew The Kids in the Hall would make fun of that, and I’d slowly become the person I was back then. I’m totally serious.
BRUCE What? That’s like ”You know that problem that you didn’t know about? Well, it’s solved.”

Kids in the Hall: Tour of Duty

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