By Erin Richter
February 07, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

Mix two parts ”Friends” (minus the slapstick) with one part ”Sex and the City” (minus the acrobatics) and out pours writer Steven Moffat’s smart, cheeky sitcom Coupling, about a group of Brit singletons — exes, friends, current flames — who spend their time in a bar trying to suss out the opposite gender. The third season recently began airing on BBC America, but the six episodes of the first season cleverly cover size matters, erotica versus porn, politics, the ”giggle loop,” and bickering breasts, among other oft-odd but highly discussable topics. NBC’s planned American version may be able to out-slick ”Coupling,” but will it be as satisfyingly randy? Better to catch the buzz of the edgy original now.