Answering questions about Giles, Willow, and others, ''The Killer in Me'' plays like a letter to the fans -- and Rachel Lovinger writes a reply

By Rachel Lovinger
February 05, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST
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At last, the truth about Giles and Willow

Dear Joss Whedon and Co.,

Watching the latest episode of ”Buffy” was like reading a letter where you responded to lingering questions one by one. So I want to say thanks and tell you why I think some fans appreciate the information.

As you must know, the ”Ripper is dead man, miss him, miss him, miss him” clues were starting to drive us batty. In fact, when Giles asked Dawn to carry Vi’s notebook out to the car, it was almost too much to bear. That’s why it was such a relief when Anya finally verbalized what we’ve been thinking for months: ”Has anyone seen Giles touch anything since he got back?… Think very hard.” Classic. It’s good to find out that he really is still alive. Apparently he’s just terminally lazy!

Meanwhile, it was gratifying to watch Willow express the grief we knew she’d been feeling for Tara. Though her initial reaction was to become an all-powerful revenge-hungry witch who almost destroyed the world, we were waiting patiently for her to express her feelings of loss in a more human way after coming back from retraining camp in England. But who expected it to play out as it did? I thought I never wanted to see Warren’s face again, and yet it made sense when Willow took on his looks. Suddenly, she was forced to own up to the fact that she felt guilty not only for his death, but also for Tara’s death, AND for starting to move on and fall for someone else.

The only troubling question: Does it really seem appropriate that Willow overcame her feelings of guilt by making out with her new girlfriend? After all, that’s what triggered the guilt-inspired transformation in the first place. Amy ”the rat” (she really isn’t doing much to shake that moniker, is she?) had better watch her back when Kennedy tells the Scoobies who cast this spell. Either that or she has a promising career as a vengeance demon ahead of her. There seems to be a prominent position open. By the way, when did Amy swipe the notes to Buffy’s ”it’s all about power” speech? I missed that.

Of course, there’s also the revelation about Spike’s deteriorating chip, which explains why he was able to hurt Buffy. Or does it? Well, at least it explains how he could hurt people while he was under the influence of The First’s mind control. Very decent of Riley to send out the troops to help his old nemesis, Spike. It’s also a relief that, even on her recent power kick, Buffy seems hesitant to play God and make the big decision about Spike’s future (that is, whether he’ll reclaim his free will or remain technologically neutered).

By the way, the scenes in the Initiative were some of the creepiest since Dawn raised her axe against demonic home electronics in ”Conversations with Dead People.” You really nailed the comedy-drama-horror mix on this one!

There’s just one more thing. Is Principal Wood evil or what? Please write back soon and let us know.


P.S. What would you want to say to the creators of ”Buffy”?

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