Kelly Clarkson acted in gay-themed film. In ''Issues 101,'' the ''Idol'' winner plays an amorous coed

By Gary Susman
January 31, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

Looks like ”Survivor”’s Brian Heidik and ”Joe Millionaire”’s Sarah Kozer aren’t the only reality show contestants who have secret movies on their resumes. reports that none other than inaugural ”American Idol” winner Kelly Clarkson acted in a risqué-sounding movie before she became a reality contestant, a movie that is surfacing only now. The film is called ”Issues 101,” and it’s a gay-themed story set amid a college fraternity. Clarkson plays a coed named Crystal who has a one-night stand with a male student.

Judging by the description of the film by those who made and marketed it, ”Issues” doesn’t sound nearly as racy as Heidik’s soft-porn roles or Kozer’s bondage and foot fetish flicks. Ted Trent, whose website is selling the video, says the movie has no content that’s pornographic or any more explicitly sexual than an episode of ”Queer as Folk.” Clarkson’s tryst happens off-camera, and she remains fully clothed throughout her brief appearance. In fact, Clarkson is hardly in the movie at all. Director John Lincoln III tells Launch, ”It was a fluke that Kelly did the film. We were looking for actresses who didn’t mind being in a gay-themed film, and Kelly’s generous spirit fit perfectly in our 90-minute project.”

”Issues” has been making the rounds of gay film festivals across the United States and overseas, and will continue to screen on the festival circuit through June. Meantime, Clarkson and runner-up Justin Guarini are busy in Florida shooting another feature, called ”From Justin to Kelly,” which ”Idol” impresario Simon Fuller is producing, with an eye toward release later this year. Presumably, she’ll have more screen time in this one.

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