Here's what the cast of ''Friends'' is up to this week. Courteney Cox plans her own ''Trading Spaces''-type series. Plus, David Schwimmer's mom wants him to be bad

By Gary Susman
Updated January 29, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST
Courteney Cox Arquette: Danny Feld/NBC

DESIGNING WOMAN ”Friends” may have another year to go, but Courteney Cox is already preparing to launch her own new series this fall. It’s a ”Trading Spaces”-style show called ”Mix It Up,” that will air on cable’s WE channel. The series will feature two people with different tastes who must live together (newlyweds, or new roommates, for example) and give each of them their own designer, with the mission of creating an environment where the pair can coexist without ripping each other’s things off the walls.

”When my husband [David Arquette] and I moved in together, it was quite a challenge blending my more refined sensibilities with his more outrageous tastes and vast collection of tchotchkes,” she said in a statement this week. ”It’s the reality of moving in with anyone, a situation which often involves conflict, which should make for a very entertaining program, and hopefully an informative one as well.” Cox, who has famously bought, redecorated, and sold a number of houses, will serve as an on-air ”design consultant.” Let’s just hope she’s not the control and neatness freak that Monica is.

CENTRAL JERK Maybe your mom always told you to play nice, but you’re not David Schwimmer. He began his run last week as the star of the play ”Turnaround,” where he plays an unscrupulous, sleazy filmmaker — and that’s just fine with his mother, Arlene. She told TV’s ”Extra” that ”people are very used to seeing him play this nerdy guy, Ross, but I’d like to have them see him play a bad boy.”

The play premiered Wednesday at West Hollywood’s Coast Playhouse, with Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow in attendance. Where were Jennifer Aniston and Matt LeBlanc? Maybe they were busy rehearsing — after all, they’re the only members of the cast who get singled out for acting awards anymore. They were both nominated for People’s Choice awards, Golden Globes, and this week, the Screen Actors Guild awards. Aniston won trophies at the People’s Choice and Golden Globes ceremonies this month, though LeBlanc came away empty handed. However, the whole cast did get mentioned among the SAG’s Best Ensemble nominees, so maybe they’ll all get a prize when those awards are handed out in March.

HOLMES, SWEET HOLMES Kudrow did get an acting thumbs-up recently from Sharon Holmes, the woman she plays in the upcoming film ”Wonderland.” Holmes, who was the first wife of late porn legend John Holmes (played in the film by Val Kilmer), visited Kudrow on the ”Wonderland” set recently and told the Los Angeles Times that the actress has the ”iron maiden” side of her down cold.”I was nervous until she said that,” Kudrow told the Times, noting that Holmes had to shield herself emotionally in order to tolerate her husband’s life of promiscuity and drugs. ”She said that armor was the only way to get through it,” Kudrow said. ”You just have to be stoic.” Or, as Holmes herself put it, ”I had the good and I chose not to have the bad.” The film is due out this fall.