By EW Staff
January 24, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST
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Why we can’t wait to see ”The Matrix Reloaded”

THE STORY The Gen-X ”Chosen One” teams with New Age rebels (including leathered-out Carrie-Anne Moss, above) to battle oppressive agents of the computer Matrix. The underground city of Zion, where other rebels live, is shown. And things blow up. Want more info? So do we.

THE GOODIES ”Reloaded”’s dreadlocked, albino Twins — agents of evil for the Matrix — could be as alluring as the Olsens. (Well, almost.) And the Wachowski brothers, who directed and wrote the movie, will use their innovative new ”virtual cinematography” to help you forget their 3-D ”bullet-time” F/X faster than, well, a speeding bullet.

CREATIVE CASTING Marvin Gaye’s daughter Nona as a resident of Zion (a role once held by the late Aaliyah) and boxing champ Roy Jones Jr. as a captain

BURNING QUESTION Once there is ”virtual cinematography,” how long before the many ”bullet-time” parodies — like the one in ”Shrek” — will stop? (Answer: As long as it takes for the ”virtual cinematography” parodies to begin.)

TREND WATCH Looks as if more and more big-budget franchises are shooting several films at once. It took a year and a half in Oakland and Australia (not far from where all three ”Lord of the Rings” pics were simultaneously filmed) to create ”Reloaded” and its December sequel, ”The Matrix Revolutions.”

COULD BE The ”Matrix” trilogy’s ”Empire Strikes Back.” Or… God forbid, its ”Phantom Menace.”

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