By William Keck
January 24, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

Sure he can direct, but who knew Steven Spielberg was such a comedian? On Jan. 10, when he finally received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Catch Me if You Can director told EW he had no qualms about being trod upon. ”I’ve been stepping on my name for years,” he teased. ”I understand Nicole Kidman’s getting her star next to mine, but I would have actually liked to have been sandwiched between Rin Tin Tin and Lassie.” Wife Kate Capshaw joked she’ll bring the kids on ”field trips” to polish Daddy’s name. The big guy had a request: ”When you walk your dogs over my star, please bring the necessary clean-up apparatus — do doo-doo diligence!” At least DreamWorks partner Jeffrey Katzenberg is on task: ”I always clean up after my beautiful little dog, Ellie.”